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Eggs are on 93% of American’s breakfast table. To increase their consumption we needed to get Americans thinking about eggs beyond breakfast. So, we created a new kind of egg.

In order to change people’s mind, we first have to understand why eggs are a breakfast food. The historical reason is that chickens lay their eggs in the morning and that’s when they’re the freshest (or that’s at least why the ritual started, anyway). 

So, to make people see that only eating eggs for breakfast is a silly habit, we created a new one and launched an entirely new product – Dinner Eggs.

It may look suspiciously similar to the egg we all know and love, but it’s so much more than that. It’s the symbol for keeping an open mouth when it comes to eggs.

Dinner Eggs are real, you can find on the shelves, at or in your fridge.


Before Dinner Egg we rebranded the iconic Incredible Egg.

The American Egg Board needed people to think about eggs outside of breakfast. So we reframed the age-old question "How do you like your eggs?" in order to inspire people with dozens of new answers.

We came up with over a dozen different ways to answer the question. Then we brought them to life with unique, visually arresting portraits that were as memorable as their corresponding dishes.


Guess who also joined the campaign? The Incredibles!