Children with cancer fight against prejudice every day. They are treated as special, in a bad sense. "Bald Cartoons" changed people’s perception and made these kids feel "like the others."

A child with cancer fights against two problems: the disease itself, which GRAACC guarantee a 70% of cure and the prejudice, witch needs everybody's help. 

During the National Cancer Month, we invited Snoopy, Garfield, Hello Kitty and more than 40 cartoons from around the world to go bald to spread a powerful message: A child with cancer deserves to be seen just like any other child.

Special cartoon episodes were broadcasted as content on the most relevant children’s channels, like Cartoon Network and Discovery Kids. The baldies could also be seen in newspaper's comic strips, comic books, posters, songs and animated short movies.

A website has been created to host all the special content for the kids in cancer treatment, and to make easier the engagement. It helped to 91% of Brazilians on Facebook supported the cause and changed their profile picture for one of our bald cartoons.


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